Festival Drugs: Meet The Dealers

Festival Drugs: Meet The Dealers (BBC Three)

Livvy Haydock investigates the number of different ways that drugs are getting into festivals in the UK and internationally. Festival season is the height of the summer, and where there are party goers, there are drug dealers eyeing up an opportunity of supplying the demand.

Over the course of three episodes, Livvy investigates the multiple methods used in order to get drugs inside the festivals and through the levels of security. In episode one, The Party Traffickers, Livvy meets the dealers who plan to traffic drugs out of the UK, in order to supply festival-goers in Paris but it comes at a price. Episode two, The Corrupt Guards, focuses on security guards who are paid to transport drugs with the aim to supply the UK festival market. The final episode, The Deadly Pushers, follows a gang getting ready to supply UK festivals with cocaine and MDMA.

Presented and Produced by Livvy Haydock
Produced, Directed and Filmed by Calum Farmer
Executive Producer: Miki Mistrati
Production Executive: Pete Hirst
Editor: Andreas Birch
Editor: Tim Ryan
Development Producer: Oliver Smith