The Great Train Robbery: The Hidden Tapes (Channel 4)

The Great Train Robbery of 1963 didn’t just rob the establishment of £2.6million (around £50m today) but made household names of the villains who carried it off.

But what of the truths behind the legend that has become the story of the Great Train Robbery? This primetime hour long documentary for C4, The Great Train Robbery: The Hidden Tapes will reveal mysteries that have remained hidden for the last 56 years. Through tape recordings made by one of the key masterminds we will explore the truth about the background to the robbery, who really did provide the vital information so that they could carry off the Crime of the Century and which of the robbers got away with it and spent all their loot.

Narrated by Phil Davis
Directed by Sarah Hey
Written and Produced by Antony Barnett
Director of Photography: Steve Foote
Executive Producer: Miki Mistrati
Production Executive: Pete Hirst
Editor: Andrew Lurcuck
Assistant Producer: Steve Walsh